Week 8 Review (Pronouns) description

Hello students! The NET team is spending their off time in the NET spaceship. Miss Lam is planning a party but she has a hard time with all the different names on the list. Luckily, the NET teachers are there to help her.
In this video, Mr. Veach and Miss Rickard will introduce different pronouns to replace ‘persons’, ‘places’ and ‘things’, and provide you and Miss Lam with examples on how to use them. Join this special lesson so you can learn how to use pronouns correctly.
Let’s watch the video and learn grammar with the NET team!

梁校的同學們你們好! 我校的外籍英語老師們正在NET飛船上休息,很快便進入休眠狀態。這時剛巧收到林老師一個求救訊號,她正計劃籌備一個聚會,但她記性不太好,很難記住名單上所有的名字。幸運的是,有外籍英語老師們在這裏幫助她。
在這段視頻中,Mr. Veach和Miss Rickard將介紹不同的代詞來替代 「人」、」地 「和 「物」,並為你和林老師提供如何使用這些代詞的例子。參加這個特別的英語課,你將學習到如何正確地使用代詞。