Week 4 Kimochis interview description

Hello, there! I believe that students from LSTLWWF are all familiar with our Kimochis, maybe you have read a story about them in the NET lessons. Can you name all of them and their personalities?
In this video, Mr. Veach and Miss Rickard are having an interview with the Kimochis. You will meet our regular cast members and also two new Kimochis who just joined our school this year.
Let’s watch the video and get to know more about the Kimochis!

大家好! 我相信梁校的同學們都對情緒感覺布偶(Kimochis)有一定程度的認識,也許你在外籍英語課上讀過關於他們的故事。你能說出他們所有的名字和他們的性格嗎?
在這段視頻中,Mr. Veach和Miss Rickard正在對Kimochis進行採訪。你將見到我們的布偶好朋友以及今年剛加入我們學校的兩位新的Kimochis。