Week 14 2021 year recap

Hey there students! This is the last NET video of the 2020-2021 school year, we hope you enjoyed the series and enhanced your English proficiency along the way! Today, the NET team will think back to their favourite memories of NET TV. What was your favourite video from the series? Let us know and tell us in person next year!
For now, let’s watch the 2021 year recap and see if you have the same favourite episode as the NET team!
We hope you have an amazing summer holiday and we can’t wait to see you next year!

同學們你們好!這是2020-2021學年的最後一個外籍英語視頻。我們希望你喜歡這個系列,並在此過程中讓你的英語水平有所提高! 今天,外籍英語團隊將回想一下他們最喜歡的NET TV回憶。你最喜歡的系列視頻是什麼?請你在新學年當面告訴我們吧!